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BigRep Teams Up With Autodesk’s Spark

BigRep, the Berlin based developer and manufacturer of the reportedly world ́s biggest 3D printer today, teamed up with Autodesk as an early adopter of their open 3D-printing platform Spark. This was announced on the occasion of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starting January 6th in Las Vegas.

Spark is a complete, open and free platform for 3D printing that will connect digital information to 3D printers in a new way. It ́s objectives are to improve information exchange between design software and the printer, to optimize designs before production begins and to provide open APIs for a broad group of users to access and innovate the 3D printing pipeline.

BigRep is offering a full size 3D FDM printer with a revolutionary printing volume of 1.3 m3 at an extremely competitive price. Renowned industrial companies, i.e. from automotive, aerospace or robotics sectors are highly interested in the BigRep 3D ecosystem. Additionally, professional users like architects, designers and artists around the world are banking on BigRep ́s future where any given object, i.e. chairs, prototypes or even large replacement parts, can be locally produced and delivered quickly.

René Gurka, BigRep CEO, comments: “BigRep believes that while big is beautiful, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Adopting Spark is an important step for us towards building a global ecosystem of BigRep Printers, creating a better experience for anyone who wants to bring big ideas to reality.”

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