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Carbon introduces new elastomer 3D printing material EPU 46

Carbon, a renowned player in the 3D printing sector, has introduced an innovative elastomer material, EPU 46. This material offers a mix of strength and elasticity and opens new horizons in various industries, from automotive to interior design.

EPU 46 impresses with its versatility and enables the manufacture of diverse products, such as shoes, saddles and grips, in different color variations. The material is characterized by its durability and dimensionally stable elasticity and meets high standards in terms of performance, comfort and aesthetics.

“EPU 46 is the future of individual elastomers. It combines the benefits of performance, comfort and durability with the appeal of custom colors and adjustable material thickness,” explains Jason Rolland, senior vice president of materials at Carbon. “Our goal with the new elastomer is to provide a reliable and complete idea-to-production platform that is fully customizable to our customers’ specifications. It’s the next step toward making all of our customers’ needs a reality.”

With its customizable material thickness and dual cure and energy return properties, EPU 46 is a revolution in 3D printing. It offers color fastness, increased material strength and optimal processability with short print times. These properties make EPU 46 particularly suitable for applications where soft compression is required, such as handles and thin parts.

The EPU 46 is an enrichment for Carbon’s elastomer portfolio and stands out due to its printability and the range of its mechanical properties. It will be available globally from the end of September 2023.

Carbon’s new EPU 46 represents a significant advancement in 3D printing materials. With its versatility, sustainable aspects and excellent mechanical properties, it paves the way for innovative applications in various industries and shows that development in the field of 3D printing technologies still holds great potential.

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