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CRP USA Attending the 26th SME’s RAPID Event

From 17 to 19 May CRP USA will be exhibiting at the 26th SME’s RAPID event at Orange County Convention Center, West Building, in Orlando (FL).

CRP USA staff will welcome you at booth #563.


CRP USA will display the latest Windform Additive Manufacturing solutions for motorsport, space and automotive industry as Intake Manifold, PrintSat, CAN-SAT Dispenser; CRP USA staff will also be displaying the Windform GT 3D printed orthotics, designed and developed together with medical orthopedist staff to assist hemiplegic patients and traumas.

The CRP USA team are thrilled to attend the show and will be on hand to discuss their practices with potential customers. Windform materials are strongly used in high-performing sectors for their mechanical properties and CRP USA is considered to be the right technological partner when it comes to top level additive manufacturing.

Intake Manifold, made in Windform SP, showcases Windform being used in a high performance motorsports application. Also shows the durability, longevity, and toughness of the material. PrintSat (small satellite composed by card cage, propulsion unit, solar panels and made from Windform XT 2.0) shows off CRP USA work in aerospace. CAN-SAT Dispenser also made in Windform XT 2.0 is a dispenser for very small satellites and it is the result of a collaborative project between CRP USA and institution.


The annual RAPID event takes place in Orlando, Florida this year and as North America’s largest event dedicated to 3D technologies, it’s set to feature some of the industry’s most anticipated and innovative technologies. Last year’s event attracted around 5,000 visitors and this year’s show is set to be bigger than ever. The show will have over 200 exhibitors and will explore the future of the industry through keynotes, and conference presentations from industry leaders. It is a show for buyers, sellers, end-users of design, prototyping, tooling, and direct digital technologies. SME’s RAPID is one of the longest-running and well-respected industry forums for additive manufacturing and 3D scanning. This year RAPID will mark the 26th anniversary for the conference and exposition.

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Die Gruppe CRP hat ihren Sitz in Modena, in Italiens Motor Valley. Es ist das Gebiet, in dem die renommiertesten Firmen der internationalen Motorszene beheimatet sind. Die Gruppe besteht aus CRP Meccanica, CRP Service, CRP Technology und CRP USA. Alle Unternehmen besitzen eine weltweit führende Stellung auf Märkten, in denen Individualisierung und Hightech ein wichtiger Aspekt sind. Es sind die Branchen für Motorsport, Automotive, Design, Raumfahrt, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Nautik, Entertainment. Die Gruppe CRP zeichnet sich durch ihre Erfahrung in der Anwendung folgender Technologien aus: - Additive Fertigung und 3D-Druck - Entwicklung, Produktion und Verkauf von Materialien für Lasersintern und 3D-Druck Windform - CNC-Präzisionsbearbeitungen - Direct Metal Laser Sintering und Electron Beam Melting