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Farsoon unveils new UT252P Industrial LPBF 3D Printer

Chinese 3D printing specialist Farsoon has unveiled a new 252P plastic laser powder bed fusion system at TCT Asia. The industrial 3D printing system supports a wide material portfolio and has a temperature capability of up to 340 °C.

Equipped with a versatile 250x250x320mm build envelope and a powerful 100W CO2 laser, the UT252P will open up new possibilities for high-temperature applications in materials engineering, medical, aerospace and beyond.

The UT252P features an enhanced thermal protection system with 8 zones and thermal control. This enables the processing of high temperature materials such as PA6, PA66, PPS and PAEK.

In keeping with their philosophy of developing open platform systems, Farsoon’s polymer applications team has worked with several material suppliers to find the optimal high temperature powder material for the LPBF process. One recent success was sintering a PAEK material with a melting point above 340°C.

Beta testing showed that parts produced with the UT252P provided repeatable results in terms of thermal stability, surface quality and mechanical properties. With powder optimization, a low renewal rate can also be achieved, opening up the potential for reduced material costs and a sustainable production process.

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