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French 3D printer manufacturer Lynxter at US trade show CES

Following its participation at the Formnext trade show in Frankfurt and the announcement of its new S300X silicone 3D printer, French 3D printer manufacturer Lynxter will participate for the first time at CES in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2023. In doing so, the company aims to increase its presence and visibility in the US market.

Lynxter is a reference in the field of versatile, reactive and distributed additive manufacturing and has the largest ecosystem of additive manufacturing technologies and materials currently available. Lynxter’s unique, global and pro-industrial position combined with extensive expertise allow the company to address ambitious innovation projects with great success.

Don’t’ miss it! Lynxter will unveil the technical characteristics of its new S300X silicone printer, unique on the additive manufacturing market. Also, don’t’ miss the live demonstrations of silicone 3D printing, on the S600D, the brand’s emblematic multi-material machine.

Lynxter, specialist in 3D printing

Developed on the S600D and democratized on the S300X, silicone additive manufacturing is a solution designed for multiple applications: industrial (seals, masking, maintenance etc.), R&D (prototyping, material formulation, soft robotics) and medical (epithesis, protheses, orthopedics). In the medical field, silicone additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce custom-made devices without taking a manual impression or using a mold. It also allows hollowing and the variation of infill rates to render parts lighter or modify their properties (reduce hardness, add resistance, better damping, from anisotropy to the printed part etc.).

This technology offers many advantages: it makes silicone parts accessible in small and medium series, democratizes custom-made and opens up a new field of features specific to 3D printing.

Is it possible to print a variety of materials including medical grade RTV2 silicone (5, 10, 25, 40 ShA) certified ISO 10993-05 for contact with skin, industrial grade RTV2 silicone (45shA) and polyurethane (from 50 to 85 ShA). These age-resistant silicones require no heavy post- processing and possess mechanical properties equivalent to those of injection molding.

Lynxter’s uniqe multi-material 3D printer

The S600D is a modular industrial 3D printer with a system of interchangeable toolheads allowing the deposit of technical materials: thermoplastics, silicones, ceramics. It is a unique machine with an ecosystem of materials & equipment designed for a wide variety of applications (urgent manufacturing needs, small series, prototyping, R&D etc.).

S300X, the new silicone printer

Compact, quiet and reliable, the S300X is easy to integrate into any workplace. High capacity material cartridges make it possible to print large parts or several small parts in complete autonomy with fewer material cartridge changes.

Fitted with a LIQ11 single-component toolhead to print the support and a two-component LIQ21 toolhead to print the parts, the S300X further pushes the boundaries of silicone 3D printing thanks to its IDEX technology. The two independent extrusion heads make it quick and easy to print complex shapes using soluble support structures. This also paves the way to the combining of materials and the printing of parts with different physical properties in one single print.

Find out more about Lynxter at lynxter.fr.

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