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Graham Lindsay is the new ROBOZE VP Sales

ROBOZE has appointed Graham Lindsay, an expert in 3D printing technologies since 1994, Vice President of the sales department. A unique challenge, born from the need to combine the power of the expertise with the revolutionary approach of new printing technologies.

A new challenge for ROBOZE: with Graham Lindsay as VP Sales, the leading company in the production and design of 3D printing solutions for PEEK, ULTEM and Carbon PA (carbon fiber filled polyamide), with professional and high performance  super polymers and composite materials which, thanks to incredible thermal and chemical properties, are able to replace metal, is increasingly affirmed in Europe and in the world as the main answer to the current needs of the market. The operation is part of the company’s 2019 growth forecast, announced at the beginning of the year, equal to 500%.

Before joining ROBOZE, Graham Lindsay worked for many years as an expert for several companies in the 3D printing sector: in 1994, Lindsay was Sales Manager in UK for many companies in aerospace, automotive, medical, digital architecture Industries. In 2004, for another ten years – before becoming Sales Manager and Director EMEA at the American company MarkForged – Lindsay was Senior Sales Manager of 3D Systems, sales manager in Europe, taking care of the growth and performance of the company, collaborating with finance, orders, shippings and marketing departments closely linked to sales activities. His work has always been to identify, evaluate and study the new needs of the companies and then offer the best technologies to the market, as long as they are extremely precise, sustainable, resistant, reliable and versatile. Today, this technology is ROBOZE: “after many years in this field, I saw in ROBOZE a valuable answer to the needs of the current and future market. I think that the 3D printing solutions produced by ROBOZE are the only ones able to guarantee the best production of finished and functional parts at high temperatures”, said Graham Lindsay.

“I am excited to join one of the best and growing companies in the field of the production and designing of state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions. I think that the current market – that is constantly getting more demanding and dynamic – needs only concrete, efficient, solid answers, high strength and high performance materials, but in particular accuracy and high mechanical tolerances. Right now, I consider ROBOZE as the best and most interesting solution: I’ve always been looking for innovations in the 3D printing industry so I came across ROBOZE and I got impressed”

Founded in 2013 by Alessio Lorusso, today ROBOZE is one of the most important and reliable FFF 3D printer manufacturers for PEEK, synonymous of the highest precision for Metal Replacement. Research, investments, foresight have led it to be a leader in the design of additive solutions for the production of high-tech materials and for the most performing carbon fiber composites printing, and many other super polymers. Today ROBOZE is an innovative and advanced focal point for the Automotive, Aerospace sector and soon for the Medical one too.

The ROBOZE’s decision to face this new challenge with Graham Lindsay, 3D printing expert and pioneer, does confirm the aim to become key players of this sector in Europe and in the world.