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How Moscow Became a Center of 3D Technologies for Three Days

The only specialized event devoted to 3D printing in Russia and CIS has once again gathered all innovations in the industry on one floor in the capital’s exhibition center Sokolniki. The event took place from October 8 to 10 and attracted experienced market players, as well as the companies planning to become the leaders and create serious competition to big corporations.

3D Print Expo featured such companies as Picaso 3D; ICES LLC; Top 3D Shop; RangeVision; FDplast; SPETSAVIA; iGo3D Russia; 3D CON LLC; NISSA Digispace LLC; IMPRINTA; Marvel-Distribution; BE in 3D.ru; Terem; AB Universal; BQ; DAVID; Siu System; MAGNUM; Roland; RuSky Group-SLM; TWIZE; Rec 3D; Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd and many others.


On October 9 – second day of the event – school students were competing at the First Moscow 3D Printing Olympics, in the following categories:

  • 3D scanning;
  • 3D modeling;
  • three-dimensional drawing.


All creations have been evaluated by such criteria as the speed, accuracy, quality of result, functionality, uniqueness of the idea and design.

Representative of SPECAVIA admitted: “This is the first time for us at the exhibition. We’d like to thank organizers for such opportunity. Our product is unique, because construction printer in Russia is an innovation, and we can demonstrate it at 3D Print Expo.”


Specialist from Irwin said: “It’s a pleasure to be the constant participant at 3D Print Expo. This event is a must-to-attend for everyone entering the 3D printing market.”

Besides, 3D Print Expo also featured a professional conference with industry representatives, including:

  • Anush Minasyan / Boris Kozlov, sales specialists at SIU System;


  • Anton Lednev, head of the electronic modules laboratory at Moscow State Technical University STANKIN;
  • 3dprintexpo8Benoua Jober, head of projects at FIVES GROUP;
  • 3dprintexpo9Sergey Pushkin, founder of the theme portal 3Dtoday;
  • Alla Aspidova and Sergey Bonapartov, Ostec Group;
  • 3dprintexpo10Andrey Isupov, CEO, developer and one of the founder at Picaso 3D;
  • Anton Fedoseev, AutoDesk;
  • Valdimir Popov, Head of Laboratory Institute of Laser and
  • Information Technologies, Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Morin Andrea Sarenio, head of sales at BigRep GmbH.


On October 8, during the first day of the event, the awards ceremony “3D Print Awards” recognized the best players on the 3D printing and scanning market. The following companies became the winners in different categories:

  • Artist of the Year – Pavla Podsednikova.
  • Best Company Providing Services of 3D Scanning – DAVID.
  • Best Innovative Company of the Year  – Picaso 3D.
  • Breakthrough of the Year – Imprinta.
  • Most Popular Manufacturer of Consumable Materials – REC.
  • Best Consumer 3D Printing and Scanning Service – iGo3D.
  • Best Media Portal – 3DToday.ru.
  • Best Educational Portal – 3D CON.
  • Award for the Contribution to 3D Industry Development in the Russian Federation – Specavia.
  • Brand of the Year – Irwin with a Magnum 3D printer.
  • Best Domestic Manufacturer – Picaso 3D.


Also, all guests were surprised with an unexpected giveaway of the Hercules Strong 3D printer from Imprinta.

3dprintexpo13 There was only one condition: purchase a ticket and come to the event. Dmitriy Kulagin became the owner of 3D printer, as his ticket number happened to be the lucky one.
On October 10, 3D Print Expo Moscow guests could witness amazing workshops and interesting presentations from speakers. All visitors listened to presentations of the most experienced specialists, including:

  • Jan Charchidi from 3dprintus, presentation: «3D printing. Big and small»;
  • Alexey Gubanov, The Central research and development automobile and engine institute NAMI, presented practical cases of 3D technologies application;
  • Mikhail Novikov, Institute on laser and information technologies of
    the Russian Academy of Sciences, made a presentation: “Three-dimensional technologies in science”;
  • Pavel Bryuhanov from 3dprintus, development of logos from start to finish.

The third day of 3D Print Expo Moscow has been completely devoted to education of 3D printing technology that is making its way with capturing the world. Guests attended interesting workshops engaging all segments of three-dimensional printing.


As part of 3D Print Expo, a fashion show of 3D printed clothing had been organised along with the unique art gallery with the works of talented designers applying the modern three-dimensional technologies.

Organizers would like to thank all guests, participants, sponsors and partners of this massive 3D Print Expo exhibition, and invite everyone to new and unique future events!

via Press Release – 3D Print Expo