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hyperDENT® Hybrid successful released at Formnext

Follow-ME Technology Group, the developer of the leading CAM software hyperDENT®, successfully presented its new V8.2 at the Formnext 2018. The specialized software for manufacturing dental indications has been expanded to include a module for hybrid manufacturing.

With the combination of additive and subtractive technologies, production time, tool wear as well as material consumption can be drastically reduced with savings of up to 50%.

Thanks to the intuitive workflow, it is extremely easy to add support structures to indications and obtain measurements for post-milling using a single software. Afterwards, the applicable data will be output directly to a laser sintering machine or selected milling machine.

With additive manufacturing, even previously non-millable complex geometries out of metallic materials can be produced.

As the first provider of this solution to the dental market, FOLLOW-ME! proves once again that its customers can rely upon the innovation capacity of the company and be optimally equipped for future manufacturing challenges.

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FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group develops and distributes an industry leading dental CAM software, hyperDENT®. Due to its’ modular product structure, the software can be utilized with a myriad of laser sinter and milling machines.FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has offices in Berlin, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and the United States of America.We at FOLLOW-ME! incorporate the spirit of innovation into our software that is a manifestation of the Art of Dental Engineering. This is our core, and it pushes us to strive to remain at the forefront of technology by continuing to develop and deliver performance based products that encapsulate industry leading milling algorithms. Our technology is backed by a ”five star“ customer support on a worldwide basis.Our global presence benefits our customers by giving them access to leading technologies and leading support, by industry leading minds. Connecting these key elements, our customers can leverage our strength and remain competitive in the global market.