Home Industry Impac Additive enters into partnership with AMFG

Impac Additive enters into partnership with AMFG

The US company Impac Systems Engineering has announced a partnership with the software developer AMFG. The aim is to simplify and optimize the direct sale of 3D-printed parts and products to end customers.

Impac Additive has been providing 3D printing engineering and prototyping services for over 35 years. Now the company wants to improve its on-demand service offering with AMFG in order to serve end customers directly.

The collaboration with AMFG is intended to make the ordering process, production and delivery significantly more efficient and transparent. AMFG’s software solutions enable the automation of workflows, real-time tracking and a higher degree of personalization, among other things.

According to Lab Manager Aaron Rawls from Impac Additive, this will take the customer experience to a new level. The partnership makes it possible to offer a wider range of 3D-printed products with high quality and customization.

AMFG is convinced that it can successfully support Impac Additive’s new on-demand services with its experience in optimizing manufacturing processes. The common goal is to exploit the potential of 3D printing for individual end customer solutions.

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