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Insane Xmas’19 discount makes ALL 3D printable

Bochum, RUHRSOURCE makes the insane Christmas discount 2019 instead of a Black Week, Monday, Deals, Month, Sale, Friday… what ever…

And the discount has it all

Because from now until 2019-12-31 RUHRSOURCE reduced the prive of the first 3D printing pre-press CUR3D so much, as never before.

Those who access now saves a whopping 2.096,- € ($ 2309.40) when purchasing the CUR3D Professional annual license.

Correctly read:

The CUR3D Professional annual license normally costs 2.995,- €/ $ 3299.94 (plus VAT) and is currently available for only 899,- €/ $ 990.53 (plus VAT).

Buy now and make everything 3D printable, because CUR3D is the first 3D model repair tool, that really can make everything 3D printable with just three clicks in seconds.