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Interview with SelfCAD CEO

We had the opportunity to interview the CEO of the software company SelfCAD.

3Printr.com: There are many CAD programs. What is the difference between SelfCAD and other software?

SelfCAD: Besides SelfCAD being the professional easy to learn and use 3D modeling tool, it’s also the only program that has incorporated all features under a single system. That is, from technical and artistic to 3D printing. The users can model, sculpt and slice without the need for additional software.
We have also integrated Myminifactory so users have access to a database of ready to print models that they can import and modify easily without the need to leave the software.

3Printr.com: What is the overall USP of SelfCAD?
SelfCAD: It’s fully-featured, easy to use and affordable.
It also runs in the browser.

3Printr.com: What is the USP for additive manufacturing users?
SelfCAD: The 3D models created in SelfCAD are manifold, that is, they are ready to print. And if the model created or imported is broken one can use the magic fix tool to fix it. Unlike other programs where after a user designs the model, they switch to another program like Meshmixer in order to fix it then later go to a slicer to generate the G-code that will be sent to the 3D printer. SelfCAD has its own in-built slicer for slicing hence one doesn’t need any additional software.

3Printr.com: Who are the typical SelfCAD customers, and what do they use the software for?
SelfCAD: The typical customers of SelfCAD are the advanced hobbyists who own 3D printers and create tangible objects for hobby and simple designs for their homes. Creative designers who have mastered the art of design also use it to create technical designs and some skilled people use it to create business-related objects. SelfCAD is also used by educators for learning 3D modeling and designing and 3D printing education aids.

3Printr.com: What are the most used tools of additive manufacturing users?
SelfCAD: Additive manufacturing users mostly use the image to 3d tool and shape generators for creating models from scratch as they are very easy to use. They also use free-hand drawing and sketching tools as they allow them to effortlessly work with polygons so that whatever they conceive they can make it a reality easily. The measurement and macros options are also useful in creating accurate designs. Before 3D printing their designs, the users use the magic fix tool to make the models printable and the in-built slicer to slice them.

3Printr.com: From the user perspective, what is the advantage of CAD software as a service?
SelfCAD: SelfCAD is online software, so it’s easily accessible in any place and one doesn’t have to worry about downloading.

3Printr.com: How could the future of CAD look like?
SelfCAD: The future of CAD can actually look like Microsoft word in which everyone can access and use easily next to a normal printer in the office. So in the future, if one requires anything, for example fixing something broken at home, one will just design easily and 3D print with a 3D printer without the need of buying it.

3Printr.com: How could the future of additive manufacturing look like?
SelfCAD: Currently, the average people 3D print objects used only for hobby and prototyping and they aren’t useful for other purposes because of the type of materials being used. And to 3D print the models, much time is needed also and it’s not cost-effective too hence it’s not used for commercial purposes. For a commercial basis, there are very expensive 3D printers that take less time to 3D print objects and the designs printed are useful too. Though very few people can afford to buy them.

And because this industry is advancing each day, I believe that the current expensive commercial 3D printers will be cheaper and small businesses and average people will be able to afford them and use it to create and 3D print useful and commercial objects easily instead of outsourcing them.

3Printr.com: What is your main strategy to bring SelfCAD forward?
SelfCAD: Currently, we are working on the onboarding process and curriculum for new users to get started easily as we have finished our latest design and tested with our main users. There are also several companies waiting to partner with us.

3Printr.com: Are there any plans to bring more products to market?
SelfCAD: We have requests for other things to be added, but currently, we are focused on improving what we already have in order to satisfy our users.

3Printr.com: Are there other expansion strategies?
SelfCAD: We aim at ensuring that each and every person owning a 3D printer got to know about us and be able to use it to design and 3D print their models.