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Linde signs letter of intent for “Bavarian Additive Manufacturing Cluster”

Linde joined six other companies and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of founding the “Bavarian Additive Manufacturing Cluster” (BAMC). Dr Ami Gupta, Vice President Technology at Linde, participated in the AMTC conference and attended the signing in Munich.

Companies at the forefront of additive manufacturing (AM) including Linde, Audi, EOS, GE, MTU Aero Engines, Oerlikon, Siemens well as the TUM have agreed to establish the BAMC as a non-profit association in spring 2023. The objective of the Bavarian effort is to foster greater cooperation between commercial organisations and the university in order to overcome technical and economic challenges on the path to AM industrialization.

The cluster partners will jointly decide on research priorities and projects to be undertaken which will be implemented collaboratively or as part of research contracts with the TUM. In addition to enabling novel integrative research and development approaches, the cluster also aims to establish partnerships with other commercial enterprises and academic partners, develop innovative education and training programmes and launching flagship projects to demonstrate the benefits of additive manufacturing. Specific topics will include end-to-end AM processes, advanced materials and AM digitalization.

“Linde has long been a pioneer in innovations to manufacturing processes that enable customers to achieve cost reduction, productivity and sustainable development,” said Dr. Ami Gupta. “As additive manufacturing begins to revolutionize the way in which objects are produced, we are proud to be collaborating with other leading innovators to contribute our unique knowledge in gases and leading-edge technologies to apply them effectively.”

All “cluster” members and associated institutions are in close geographic proximity to each other, including Linde which is based in Munich where Carl von Linde started the company.
Find out more about Linde at linde.com.
For more information about the TU Munich, please visit tum.de.

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