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M3d+it conference 2022: Additive manufacturing in medicine

To see cutting edge technology and current trends in additive manufacturing, this year the Medical University of Vienna and acmit are inviting to the “Additive Manufacturing in Medicine 4th Symposium “ and the “1st European Open Source 3D Bioprinting Workshop” events, which will be organized under the umbrella of the “M3d+it 2022 Conference”.

These events will take place at the Medical University of Vienna/Vienna General Hospital: the Symposium on Dec. 2nd-3rd (Hörsaal 5, Level 8) and the Workshop on Dec 5th-7th (Center for Biomedical Research, Level 1).

The symposium will particularly address clinical use-cases of 3d-printing, the role of additive manufacturing in medical device development, 3d-printable materials development, micro/nano 3d-printing, and much more. The symposium will also host the first meeting of the European Special Interest Group for 3D Printing in Hospitals.

Within the 3-day workshop that follows the symposium you will learn how to build a 3D bioprinter using open-source technology.

Compared to traditional manufacturing methods such as milling, casting, forging, or fabrication additive manufacturing eliminates many constraints. As a result, complex geometries and mass customizations of parts at commercially viable costs are now possible.

For instance, Medical University of Vienna and PROFACTOR GmbH are cooperating together with additional 17 institution in the INKplant project to investigate 3D printing in regenerative medicine. With patient specific 3D printed resorbable implants the need for invasive surgical procedures could be significantly reduced or even avoided. So, the methods envisaged in the project represent an enormous improvement in the quality of life of the patients and will reduce the invasivity as well as the complications arising from prosthetic components by improving the biocompatibility of the materials used. The project partners will work on four different use cases: defects of meniscus and osteochondral defects in order to alleviate the suffering of patients with joint defects in the knee, thus avoiding the need for total joint replacement, as well as palatal defects and implants for dental and oral rehabilitation.

This is only one of many cutting-edge technology topics covered at the Symposium on Dec. 2nd-3rd 2022. The program and registration to the symposium are available now.

Find out more about M3d+it  at m3dit.org.

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