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Makino presents the AML500 at Formnext 2023

At Formnext 2023, a leading trade fair for additive manufacturing technologies, Makino Asia has announced the launch of the AML500. This machine represents a new era in Laser Metal Deposition (LMD), a key technology in the field of 3D printing. With enhanced high-speed LMD capabilities, the AML500 aims to fulfill complex printing requirements on a stable and powerful platform.

The AML500 integrates innovative High-Speed Laser Metal Deposition (HS-LMD) technology into a vertical machine platform. This allows not only 3D build-up, but also the coating and repair of complex components. With this development, Makino is pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for productivity in the industry. The machine enables build rates that are up to five times faster than conventional LMD processes.

A significant feature of the AML500 is its ability to print finer geometries and layers with less thermal impact on the substrate. This is achieved by reducing the heat-affected zones. HS-LMD technology also expands the processing capabilities of new materials that could not be processed using traditional LMD methods. This innovation opens up new application possibilities and the development of new alloys.

“We are very honored to have been selected by Makino Asia as a pilot customer for the new 5-axis high-speed LMD machine. For us, this system is the perfect complement to our already installed L-PBF and LMD machines and robots,” says Christoph Hauck, Member of the Board of Toolcraft AG. “We see huge advantages in the dynamics of the system, especially when processing materials that previously tended to crack. We expect further exciting possibilities in the area of multi-material applications.”

Makino plans to continue expanding its portfolio of additive manufacturing (AM) solutions in terms of productivity, automation and digitalization. This will be done in close coordination with customers’ industrialization goals in the field of additive manufacturing. With a wide range of subtractive machines and automation technologies, Makino is positioning itself as a provider of complete solutions for the industrial production of AM parts.

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