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Materialise receives Henry van de Velde Design Award

Just tow days ago Materialise received the renowned Henry van de Velde design award from Design Flanders for empowering designers creativity.

In front of 1.300 guests the founder and CEO of Materialise Fried Vancraen received the Henry van de Velde Company Award 2015. The company was awarded because of their effort of bringing 3D printing from a tool in prototyping departments to designers and artists around the world.

Jury of the Henry van de Velde design award stated:

“For quite some time, 3D printers were used exclusively to make prototypes for such sectors as the automotive industry, but Materialise was one of the first to use this technology within a broader field of application. Materialise has given the world and its designers a tool to transform 3D-printed designs into concrete objects and to use these, meaning 3D printing can now be considered a fully-fledged production technique. Not only does this technology enable professionals to supply highly specific parts and components, it also enables the public at large to experiment with this independently. The .MGX by Materialise collection of lamps is hands-on proof of the potential of this technology and the 2009 iMaterialise website was one of the first tools allowing consumers to independently design and make products. Materialise is not a manufacturer in the traditional sense, but a platform that deploys its own expertise in the broadest and most contemporary way possible. In short, Materialise not only combines industrial manufacturing with innovation, but also with emotion and poetry. And it does all this at an international, cutting-edge level. Flanders and Belgium can justly take pride in this accomplishment.”

The company didn’t stopped there and stated in a blog post that this achievement was only possible because so many great artists used the know how and services of materialise and i.materialise.

Materialise Just Received a Design Award — And It’s All Thanks to You

You can find a link to the blog post below.


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