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Matricelf: Successful 3D printing of a human ear model

Israeli biotechnology company Matricelf recently announced the successful 3D printing of a human ear model using a new technology. This method, developed in collaboration with Tel Aviv University, enables the combined 3D printing of cells and extracellular scaffold components to create living organs and tissues with volume.

A notable feature of this method is that all cells and extracellular components come from the patient, which prevents the immune system from fighting the implants. The uniqueness of the new technology lies in its liquid nanoparticles, which stabilize the printed biological structure and enable high printing resolution and precision.

After the printing process, the particles are completely removed from the printed structure, which is stabilized as a result. Matricelf emphasizes that this support medium could provide an optimal solution in terms of accuracy and quality of printing, as well as safety, which would enable 3D printing of organs and tissues and their implantation in humans.

Commenting on the new development, Matricelf CEO Alon Sinai said, “In recent years, tremendous efforts have been made worldwide to promote and develop advanced technologies in the field of tissue and organ bioprinting. Dieser Bereich gewinnt in der Welt der Medizin zunehmend an Bedeutung und hat das Potenzial, dem Mangel an Transplantationsorganen zu begegnen. It is a huge economic market that is attracting global pharmaceutical, engineering and biotech companies to continue to develop innovative and breakthrough solutions. Matricelf’s significant advances position the company as a leading player in this field.”

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