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MyMiniFactory announced the launch and release of the MyMiniFactory Customizer beta 1.0

On Wednesday, August 21st 2019, London based, premium 3D model sharing community platform, MyMiniFactory announced the launch and release of the MyMiniFactory Customizer beta 1.0.

The customizer is an in-browser tool built to provide an interactive, dynamic experience for 3D printable model customization. Currently, makers who don’t work on CAD software, or don’t have permission by the original designer to make changes to the model, have their 3D prints completely defined by the original designer. In some cases, 3D designers create additional models with varying parts, or provide interchangeable pieces that need to be assembled with glue and can prove difficult to piece together, depending on the size and fitting of the 3D printed model.

The MyMiniFactory Customizer provides a user-friendly interface to select and preview interchangeable parts on each model prior to 3D printing. The software further creates a union between the files so that makers can print their model from a single STL file.

“The focus of the customizer is on the designer and maker experience. Many designers want to have customized options for their makers to pick and choose from but unless they’re willing to code the entire environment, customization is a fairly dry experience showcased primarily using photos. Now if designers want a customizer they don’t need to write code for one” – Adrian Delgado, Lead Customizer Developer

To use the customizer, 3D designers define what parts they want and how they will be interchanged. After coming up with the idea and deciding how it will interact, designers request the particular environment and settings from the customizer team at MyMiniFactory. The team at MyMiniFactory then creates a customizer environment which allows designers the ability to upload each interchangeable part separately.

The MyMiniFactory Customizer can then be published by 3D designers, creating a unique, dynamic interaction between their 3D models and makers, in a functional UI. The tool eliminates the need for coding, technical positioning and bouillon union operations.

Furthermore, the software removes the need for incorporating transition fits and proper tolerances to join parts together. Rather than modifying an entire model for a single part change, as you would during the design phase, the Customizer adapts to the changes with structural adjustments and relative positioning to ensure the model parts fit together without overlapping. In other words, the model prints in one piece, from the single, 3D printable STL that is generated and constructed in the software.

The MyMiniFactory Customizer was created and released as part of the movement of the organization to empower 3D creatives purposefully and with freedom. We plan to continue to release accessible, functional and open tools and opportunities to enable individuals to build meaningfully.

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