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Open-Source Hardware Library for Scientists and Doctors

A science team led by Joshua Pearce at the Michigan Tech describes in their paper how an open-source library of syringe pump designs could reduce costs.

Doctors and researchers could 3D print their own medical or lab equipment for the cost of the material only, after choosing a design from the open-source library.  In the publication the researchers created an open-source library for syringe pumps, were designs can be downloaded and adjusted if necessary. 3D printing of medical tools could reduce costs considerably.

To go one step further, the 3D printed syringe pump was hooked up to a Raspberry Pi so it could be controlled remotely.

That way, you can link the syringe pump to the network, sit on a beach in Hawaii and control your lab. Plenty of people can have access, and you can run multiple experiments at the same time. Our entire single-pump system costs only $50 and can replace pumps that run between $250 and $2,500.


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