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Phrozen Sonic XL 4K Offers the Latest in 3D Printing Technology

New Phrozen 3D printer combines Monochrome LCD technology with 4K resolution offering speed, precision, and build area empowering professionals and hobbyist across the 3D printing industry.

In our quest to continue developing cutting-edge 3D printing solutions, we are happy to announce the launch of the Sonic XL 4K. Our latest 3D printer integrates several innovative features including monochrome LCD technology, 4K resolution, and the ParaLED array matrix.

While traditional LCD panels emit the tradition RGB spectrum, the monochrome LCD emits only white light. This create high transparency allowing for curing types of up to 0.2 seconds per later at 50 microns. This coupled with high-precision 4K resolution and a large build area of 190 x 120 x 200 mm, the Sonic XL 4K is equipped to be a powerhouse for users.

In order to ensure printing speed and complete light uniformity the Sonic is equipped with the ParaLED array. This unique technology significantly improves the optical path by narrowing the UV light emission making parallel to the build area.

The Sonic XL 4K is an open material system offering flexibility to users. A wide range on materials will be tested including bio-compatible material from leading brands. Material profiles will be routinely provided to users through updates.