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PolySonic: Polymaker presents High-Speed 3D Printing Filament made of PLA

3D printing material specialist Polymaker has unveiled PolySonic, a new PLA filament suitable for high-speed applications. According to the company, the material is suitable for printing speeds of 300 mm/s.

“The latest generation of 3D printers have set a new benchmark for fast printing. But materials are still the missing link. PolySonic is Polymaker’s answer to the new era of high-speed FFF Printing”, said Dr. Xiaofan Luo, Founder of Polymaker.

Core properties of the high-speed filament:

  • Extrusion: PolySonic PLA filaments feature a wider extrusion window compared to conventional PLA filaments, enabling a 30% increase in flow rate at the same printing temperatures. This results in higher print speeds without under-extrusion.
  • Shaping: The rheology of PolySonic has been optimized to transition from liquid to solid with near zero shrinkage. This allows for sharp corners, fine detail and steep overhangs at high flow rates and increases print productivity by up to 150% over regular PLA.
  • Mechanical properties: At high print speeds, PolySonic PLA shows only a 6% drop in mechanical properties, compared to PolyLite PLA, which shows a 24% drop at higher speeds.

Two filament variants for different requirements:

  • PolySonic PLA: Offers print speeds over 300mm/s, excellent interlayer adhesion and is offered in five colors, ideal for prototypes, artwork and final products.
  • PolySonic PLA Pro: This improved PLA exhibits toughness similar to ABS and surpasses ASA & PETG in stiffness, making it ideal for a variety of applications from fine prototypes to durable final parts.

In summary, PolySonic offers a new type of filament that takes full advantage of printer efficiency without compromising the quality of 3D printed products. With PolySonic, ideas can be realized faster and better than ever.

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