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Sauber Technologies expands 3D printing partnership with Additive Industries

Sauber Technologies has extended its technology partnership with metal additive manufacturing specialsit, Additive Industries for a further three years. Sauber Technologies has been using Additive Industries’ MetalFAB platform for metal additive manufacturing since 2017, with a current count of four systems in-house as the company embarks on new, ambitious projects for third-party customers.

This summer, Sauber Technologies and Additive Industries will celebrate the fifth anniversary of their long-term strategic partnership: with the focus of both parties on productivity, part reproducibility and industrial series production, they are eager to keep pushing boundaries in metal AM to manufacture light-weight components for the automotive, industrial and tooling industries.

From the start of the collaboration, Additive Industries has enabled the professionals of Sauber Technologies to accelerate in the metal additive manufacturing domain. The investment in the MetalFAB systems – with its unique open parameters – allowed Sauber to reduce cycle times in the manufacturing of innovative parts for its own wind tunnel models, Formula One race cars as well as third-party business.

Additive Industries is a 3D metal printer manufacturer for high-quality metal parts. It offers a system specifically aimed at high-end and demanding industrial markets. With class-leading build volume, robustness as well as productivity, Additive Industries redefines the business case for aerospace, automotive, energy and high-tech equipment. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Additive Industries has demo and service centres in the USA, UK and Singapore and is a global key player in large volume metal printing systems.

These features are of great importance to Sauber Technologies, as the company focuses fully on third-party business, providing a holistic service for complex engineering problems, from the idea stage to the finished products. The company can draw on the experience of its dedicated, highly skilled staff and from the know-how generated in fifty years of history in motorsport.

Christoph Hansen, COO of Sauber Technologies: “Over the course of our successful partnership, Additive Industries have become an essential ingredient in the offering of Sauber Technologies. Ever since we introduced the MetalFAB systems to our processes, our in-house capabilities have increased in a significant way: Additive Industries continues to provide us with the best way to manufacture the most advanced parts for our motorsport operations, as well as our growing cohort of customers, reducing lead times, costs and waste while pushing forward the boundaries of technology.”

Mark Massey, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Additive Industries: “We are very proud to be constantly recognized by Sauber Technologies for our class-leading automated industrial metal additive manufacturing solutions. We encourage each other to push our boundaries and to innovate. We are committed to continuing our long-term partnership, grow and evolve in the coming years.”

For more information about Sauber Technologies, visit sauber-technologies.com.

For more information about Additive Industries, visit www.additiveindustries.com.

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