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Sculpteo Introduces New Precious Metal Finishes

Sculpteo has just launched three new precious metal finishes to create your custom 3D printed jewellery: pink gold, white rhodium and black rhodium.

In addition to their existing finishes for brass and silver materials, sculpteo now expands its range of precious metal finishes. In total there are now five new option to the mix. Brass objects can be coated in all three new materials and silver objects can be ordered with a white or black rhodium finish.

from left to right: pink gold plated, black rhodium plated, white rhodium plated, gold plated / Designs by Christina Westbrook

Sculpteo uses the lost-wax casting technique, where the original wax models are created on their 3D printers and a mould is made around them. After the wax is melted, the mould is filled with metal, creating the actual piece of jewellery.

Earlier this month Shapeways has launched precious metal coatings as well. In addition i.materialise has extended their offer for 3D printed precious metal objects.


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