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Start-up Fansea 3D prints digital sports collectibles

The Frankfurt-based start-up Fansea enables fans to purchase digital sports collectibles as physical 3D models. The company uses a 3D printer from Japanese manufacturer Mimaki to do this, as it explains in a case study.

Fansea creates digital twins of real objects such as soccer shirts or boxing gloves. Users can then buy these as purely digital collector’s items or have them 3D printed. According to Fansea founder Alexander Schlicher, this closes the gap between the digital and real worlds.

Fansea relies on the 3DUJ-553 from Mimaki for high-quality 3D printing. According to Schlicher, the 10 million color printer enables unprecedented quality. Instead of mass production, Fansea focuses on personalized collector’s items.

3D printing allows even the smallest details, such as folds, to be reproduced true to the original. This gives each model an individual character. In addition to printing, the unique pieces are also finished and given a protective coating.

According to Schlicher, 3D printing is revolutionizing the digital world. Fansea creates a bridge to transform digital assets into tangible objects.

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