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Stratasys strengthens German Medical Industry with 3D Printing Partnership

Stratasys‘ expansion into the German medical sector marks another milestone in the application of polymer-based 3D printing solutions. By deepening its relationship with Encee GmbH, a long-time Stratasys Platinum Partner, the company is now establishing the Encee Medical division in Bavaria, Ursensollen. This new establishment aims to provide specialized medical 3D printing solutions throughout Germany.

Operating under Stratasys Medical, Encee Medical will expand its range of hardware, training and services and build a dedicated team for the medical sector. The Bavarian facility will be equipped with 3D printers for medical applications, post-processing machines, a training center for clinical workflow applications and technical staff.

“Encouraging specialization within the intricate landscape of healthcare,” said Lena Eckenberger, CEO, Encee. “GmbH is honing its focus on the medical market to address the increasingly specific demands of our customers. Our partnership with Stratasys, under the banner of Stratasys Medical, forms the ideal platform for this strategic evolution.”

“Our partnership with Encee will open new avenues for Stratasys in the German market,” said Scott Drikakis, Global Medical Segment Leader, Stratasys. “This agreement ensures the German medical market has access to world class polymer AM equipment, materials, post processing solutions and software solutions for an end-to-end medical workflow. Stratasys prides itself on its focus and commitment to the customer experience and is proud to offer this to the robust medical market in Germany.”

The initiative will not only enrich medical production with state-of-the-art technologies, but also enable medical customers in Germany to experience the full range of medical production workflows from a single source. With a focus on quality and customer orientation, Stratasys once again demonstrates how future-oriented partnerships can have a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape.

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