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Studio RAP relies on 3D printing for unique ceramic arches in Delft

Denmark-based architecture firm Studio RAP has pushed the boundaries of 3D printing to create two stunning ceramic arches for the PoortMeesters residential project in the Netherlands. Inspired by traditional Delft blue porcelain, the arches, dubbed “New Delft Blue,” were designed to frame entrances to a courtyard garden at the center of the residential development.

The arches are composed of 3,000 unique 3D-printed tiles arranged in an algorithm developed by Studio RAP. The tiles were colored with a transparent blue glaze reminiscent of the characteristic Delft blue. The arches resting on the concrete steps feature patterns reminiscent of leaf-like shapes, inspired by traditional Delft blue porcelain designs.

“After studying various nature-inspired patterns on Delft Blue panels, we developed an algorithm that creates a leaf pattern that grows from side to side, guiding people down the stairs between two different public spaces,” explained Lucas ter Hall, co-founder of Studio RAP.

The capabilities of 3D printing allowed Studio RAP to have full control over the complex design. “The ability to 3D print ceramics in-house gives us superpowers as architects,” Ter Hall added. “We’re establishing a fully digital workflow from design to implementation, maximizing our design aspirations and ensuring high-quality architectural designs.”

The arches are designed to enliven and enrich the residential project and be embraced by the residents. “With every project we design, we strive to make the world more exciting and diverse,” Ter Hall said. “New Delft Blue is one such statement to enrich the world with a new architectural language that breaks barriers by innovating the way the world is conceived, built and experienced.”

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