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Study sees great potential for 3D printing in the defense sector

According to a new market study by Additive Manufacturing Research, 3D printing offers enormous opportunities for the military and defense sector. The study forecasts that the US Department of Defense will spend 1.8 billion dollars on additive manufacturing by 2032, up from 0.3 billion dollars in 2023.

Based on interviews with experts and budget analyses, the study highlights specific areas of application and challenges. Recommendations are intended to help 3D printing providers to better address the requirements of the defense sector.

According to the analysts, 3D printing can revolutionize the development and procurement of critical equipment and technologies for the military. In view of global tensions, it is essential to strategically exploit the potential of additive manufacturing.

The study looks at various 3D printing processes and their market potential and lists relevant companies and organizations. Editor Tali Rosman has many years of experience in the 3D printing industry.

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