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Syncky – New Marketplace for 3D Printed Products

Korean startup Syncky has launched a global marketplace platform, exclusively for professional makers or hobbyists who have created or are creating products using the 3D printer. Currently under open beta, Syncky is calling out to creative individuals and designers to join the 3D printing movement.

As a maker myself, I couldn’t find a marketplace platform that focused only on products. Products always seemed like a sidekick to 3D files or printing services on existing platforms,” explained Jin E. Kim, founder of Syncky. “There are so many amazing 3D printed products out there that need to be recognized for their value. Makers are shadowed by all the focus on technology.”

syncky_3d_printing_model_marketplace1The website offers an open marketplace where anyone from anywhere can sell their 3D printed creations. All users can be shoppers or makers. There is no charge for owning an online store for individuals on Syncky. Makers can select specific countries they want to sell to, or simply sell worldwide. The marketplace is built to support the 3D printing maker community.

syncky_3d_printing_model_marketplace2Syncky’s in-house design team Syncplay and also several other makers have already uploaded some of their creations on the marketplace. Working as a community-based service, Syncky hopes to build a platform that will help makers promote and sell their work.

With the easy-to-use Syncky’s store platform, makers will be able to register their products and simply share through social platforms or share a link to promote their products to their target audience worldwide. Anyone can register and open a store for free and Syncky charges 10% off of product sales without any additional listing or transaction fees. Products of all categories are welcome as long as the 3D printer was used during the production process.