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These are the top 10 learnings from setting up a 3D printing farm

In a new video, the company “Shop Nation” looks back on its experience with setting up a 3D printing farm. Starting with two printers, the farm has grown to around 40 devices. Based on this growth, the company now presented on YouTube the 10 most important lessons that can also be applied to other areas.

Right off the bat, the operator emphasizes that the 3D printing farm is much more active than perhaps thought. There are many ancillary activities around material changes, monitoring and post-processing. Energy requirements, air quality and growth potential are also aspects that should not be underestimated.

Other key points, according to the YouTube video, include the importance of standardization, preventive maintenance and centralized printing software. Filament plays a critical role in print quality and reliability. And a farm inevitably accumulates dust and dirt, so regular cleaning is essential.

Overall, the video provides a hands-on look at farm operations. The YouTuber openly shares the learnings from his project. His top 10 are not only relevant for professionals, but also provide valuable tips for beginners with multiple printers.

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