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Thor3D has launched a green NFT project – “Let’s avoid the landfill and create art”

Thor3D announces the start of a green NFT (Non-Fungible Token, a way to buy and trade art using a crypto platform) project aimed at reducing the plastic footprint on our ecosystem and rising awareness of sustainability in the 3D-industry.

Several months ago, the company received defective casings for the Calibry scanners from an injection molding manufacturer. The defective lot was quickly replaced by a new batch, but this case made us think about the plastic footprint an average business leaves on the planet.

To reduce landfill and support the efforts of the environmental organizations, Thor3D decided to turn the casings into art-objects and list the NFTs on the OpenSea platform. The proceeds will be donated to a green, international non-profit. We chose the Global Footprint Network to donate to, as the organisation does a lot of work in sustainability and biodiversity. Those willing to support, can join us until 13.07.2022. The collection can be viewed via https://opensea.io/collection/plastic-forms

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