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Trinckle wins HZG Group as new lead investor

Trinckle, the Berlin-based software specialist for design automation in additive manufacturing, has successfully closed its Series A financing round of €3 million. Lead investor is the additive manufacturing (3D printing) specialist HZG Group of industry pioneers Kerstin and Frank Carsten Herzog.With the fresh capital, trinckle wants to further expand its technological lead, strengthen the team in a targeted manner and roll out the software solution on a broad scale on the market.

With its software, trinckle targets a central problem of additive manufacturing: every application – regardless of the industry – is associated with a high manual design effort. So far, this construction or design work can only be done by a few experts in complex CAD programmes (computer-aided design / 3D design software). The paramate software solution developed by trinckle enables the simple automation of design processes. Even users without CAD know-how can configure product designs via trinckle’s cloud platform, while experienced designers can achieve significant leaps in efficiency in their work routines.

Kerstin Herzog, Managing Director of the HZG Group, says: „By significantly reducing the entry barriers to design creation and allowing recurring design tasks to be fully automated on demand, trinckle can give the whole additive manufacturing technology a decisive boost.“

Typical areas of application are medical products tailored to patients such as orthoses, prostheses or dental applications, components in robotics and automation, components in the automotive industry, individualised lifestyle products or aids in industrial manufacturing such as jigs, stencils and gauges. Customers will find a wide range of customisable templates at trinckle for the fast and efficient transfer of their design processes into a digital environment.

Many additive manufacturing business models are becoming economically viable for the first time due to the drastic cost reduction in the design process. Especially in terms of production aids, fixtures and tools, there is enormous potential for companies to make savings.

Florian Reichle, co-founder and managing director of trinckle, says: “We are very pleased about the proof of trust in the face of the recession. Especially now, many companies are dependent on saving costs. In addition to significant savings potential, our range of solutions offers the opportunity to simplify production processes and roll them out globally. This enables completely new digital processes and business models in the sense of Industry 4.0, which are prepared for the future.“

3D printing: a market worth billions on the rise

The market study “3D Printing Trend Report 2022” by Hubs supports this view and assumes that the global 3D printing market will triple from 12.6 billion US dollars in 2021 to around 44.5 billion US dollars by 2026. According to the report, this will be driven primarily by an increase in the areas of production tools, gauges and devices.

With its investment, the HZG Group not only brings in capital, but also helps trinckle, with its entrepreneurial and technical expertise in additive manufacturing, to manage the targeted company growth and to drive market penetration. Thanks to the large network of the HZG Group, the next development steps will also be accelerated.

Marlene Vogel, co-founder and technical managing director of trinckle, comments on the deal: “The recent financing round is the next milestone in the development of our company. We are thrilled to have HZG Group on board, the VC investor who is both entrepreneurially experienced and technically highly versed in 3D printing. This is exactly the right combination at the right time to now take the company to the next level and scale it up.”

Today, trinckle’s solutions are already in use at over 30 manufacturing companies worldwide. These include major industry players such as Ford, Volkswagen, Audi Sport, Airbus Helicopters, Phoenix Contact, Schmalz and Deutsche Bahn.

Susanne Samwer, Director Finance at HZG Group, adds: „trinckle has already demonstrated impressive growth. And we see great market potential for trinckle’s innovative solutions as the AM market matures.”

Over the next few months, the Berlin-based company plans to hire several new talents and scale sales up through partnerships with industry leaders.

Find out more about trinckle at trinckle.com.

To learn more about the HZG Group, please visit hzg-group.com.

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