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Youtuber 3D prints compact wind turbine for power generation

British Youtuber Robert Murray-Smith has developed a compact wind-powered turbine for various applications. In a video, he presents his concept for a safe solution for generating electricity on motorhomes, boats and roofs, among other things.

The turbine uses a ring-shaped wind trap that directs the air in a bundle through a rotor. This is coupled with a generator that produces electricity from the rotation. According to Murray-Smith, the key advantage is that, compared to conventional wind turbines, the output does not depend on the rotor area. The more modules are connected in series, the more energy can be generated.

A round protective cover around the rotors ensures safety. This prevents possible injury to people and animals. At the same time, the cover ensures that the turbine works in any direction.

According to the Youtuber, another strength of the design is its easy scalability. By enlarging or reducing the modules, the turbine can be adapted to the respective conditions, whether for a boat, camping vehicle or roof. Murray-Smith is making his design available free of charge.

In his video, the developer demonstrates a prototype from the 3D printer. This already achieves a remarkable speed. With this concept, Murray-Smith wants to offer a compact and safe alternative to large wind turbines.

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