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The 101Hero, a 49$ 3D Printer, Available on Kickstarter

Every now and then a new cheap 3D printer is available on Kickstarter.  But the 101Hero creates a new mark, the 3D printer was available for only 49$ (44€).

As an attentive reader you may have noticed that the 3D printer was available on Kickstarter for the super low entry price. It’s still available but the best offers are already sold, now the Hero101 costs 74 Dollar (65€).

90% Finished Pre-Assembled Parts
90% Finished Pre-Assembled Parts

With the 101Hero the team create a very compact 3D printer, its outline dimensions are only 253 x 219 x 327 mm (width x depth x height). The printer is also not very heavy, its weight is 1.8kg (3.9lb). The central build plate has the form of a circle but the actually print area is a little bit smaller and has the form of a triangle with the length of 150 mm (5.9”). The printable height is 100mm (3.93”). The assembly should be done with a few screws because the 101Hero will be with 90% shipped pre-assembled parts.

As filament the 101Hero accepts every standard filament with a diameter of 1.75mm. But the extruder can heat up only to 250°C – so look at the temperature of the filament you want to use, PLA & ABS should not be a problem. The layer resolution can be adjusted from 50 up to 350 microns. The accuracy on the X and Y axis should be 150 microns. The printer loads the needed files from an SD card, that’s similar to most other 3D printers and has a big advantage: You do not need your computer running over the long printing process. The power supply is a kind of notebook power supply. The 101Hero has no heating bed.

After 3 days the campaign has already exceeded its goal by more than three times. The goal was 20.000$ and now the campaign has already raised over 66.000$. If you are interested in buying the 3D printer you can visit the Kickstarter website of the 101Hero. More information about the 3D printer is also available on the website for the 101Hero.

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