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LIM Innovations Adjustable Socket For Prosthetics

One of the most crucial parts of an prothesis is the socket that unites the prosthetic and its wearer.

To make them comfortable for the amputee these sockets are often individually fittet to its wearer and manufactured out of flexible materials. For some amputees that is a problem because the human body changes over time. Just imagine if you gain muscles because you start a new sport or you loose weight. The individual sockets can’t adapt to that change.

The San Francisco based company LIM Innovations started selling the Infinite Socket in 2014. This modular socket can be adjusted and gives an affordable alternative to buy another personalised socket. And most important it is comfortable to wear.

To give the Infinite Socket an even more individual touch LIM Innovations bets on 3D scanning and additive manufacturing. With the scan of the amputees leg the team of LIM Innovations creates individual parts for the socket. So a small amount of the 50 part the Infinite Socket consists of is 3D printed to allow a comfortable experience.

Check out the Verge’s video about LIM Innovations:

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