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3D printing enables easy-to-make hot stamps

In a new video, YouTuber Paul from the “This Designed That” channel has investigated whether heat-resistant resins can be used to produce 3D-printed stamps for hot stamping. These allow for faster and cheaper production than traditionally milled metal stamps.

For his experiment, Paul purchased a Mars Pro 3D printer from Elegoo and Phrozen’s TR300 resin, which can withstand temperatures up to 160°C. His hot stamping machine typically operates at temperatures between 120-130°C – significantly more than standard printing resins can tolerate.

Initial tests with a logo stamp revealed that the thermal conductivity of the resin was still too low. Only by wrapping it with aluminum tape was it possible to achieve the required temperature, after which very fine impressions could be made.

According to Paul, the 3D printing method enables detailed embossing dies to be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Because only a small thickness of material is required, the parts can be printed quickly. Durability is also good, he said.

The YouTuber’s conclusion is that 3D-printed hot stamping stamps can be made very well with higher temperature resins and adjustments such as a metal coating. This can be a practical alternative to complex milled metal embossing plates for many.

You can watch Paul’s video on this here:

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