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3D Systems and Klarity: 3D Printing Solutions for Radiation Therapy

3D Systems and Klarity are joining forces to expand access to patient-specific innovations in radiation therapy. This partnership enables the distribution of 3D Systems’ FDA-approved VSP Bolus solution, which Klarity will offer in its new Klarity Prints product line, and promises improved therapy modalities and increased patient comfort.

Klarity Prints, enabled by 3D Systems, offer a range of 3D-printed radiation therapy accessories, such as the VSP Bolus, that do not require specialized software or hardware. This allows radiation therapy providers to focus on patient care.

VSP Bolus is designed to deliver biocompatible, patient-specific bolus solutions that can improve therapy modulation, reduce technician time and increase patient comfort. Through the distribution agreement with Klarity, this innovative 3D-printed solution is now available in radiation therapy clinics across the U.S. and Canada.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with Klarity’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of care provided by our customers,” said Peter Larson, CEO, Klarity. “As a North American distributor of 3D Systems’ 3D-printed biocompatible bolus products, we will be at the forefront of advancing personalized care and improving the patient experience.”

Menno Ellis, 3D Systems’ EVP, Healthcare Solutions added, “Klarity has a strong reputation in the radiation oncology sector for delivering superior products and service. The company’s commitment to improving patient care through treatment personalization aligns with 3D Systems’ market-leading service model for delivering high-quality 3D-printed, patient-specific medical devices for over two decades. We’re pleased to partner with Klarity to provide next-generation radiotherapy accessories to patients undergoing treatment across the U.S. and Canada.”

Both companies will be attending the 2023 ASTRO Annual Conference, October 1-4 at the San Diego Convention Center. Interested attendees can learn more by visiting the 3D Systems (#2353) or Klarity (#2317) booths.

This move marks a significant advance in personalized cancer care and highlights the potential of 3D printing technologies in the medical sector. It points to a future where patient-specific, 3D-printed medical solutions could become the standard of care to improve patient care.

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