Home Industry AeroEdge Co., Ltd. and 3DOS Cooperate for 3D Printing Ecosystem in Japan

AeroEdge Co., Ltd. and 3DOS Cooperate for 3D Printing Ecosystem in Japan

AeroEdge Co., Ltd. from Tochigi, Japan, and the Californian company 3DOS, Inc. have agreed on a cooperation. The aim of the collaboration is to introduce a platform for the Japanese market that will drive the expansion of the 3D printing ecosystem.

AeroEdge is known for its advanced work in precision manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace sector. The cooperation with 3DOS provides access to a decentralized manufacturing platform. This innovative platform enables users to print parts on demand, monitor printing processes in real time and at the same time protect confidential information using digital technologies.

The synergy between the two companies aims to fully exploit the benefits of additive manufacturing, such as on-demand production and supply chain cost reduction. AeroEdge is contributing its established networks with other manufacturing partners and academic institutions in Japan to promote the platform as a mid-term project.

3DOS’ technology has already proven its efficiency through collaboration with leading American research universities and government agencies such as NASA. The platform promises to increase production flexibility while ensuring the security and confidentiality of manufacturing processes.

The combination of Japanese expertise in precision manufacturing and 3DOS’ advanced platform technology could have a significant impact on the manufacturing landscape in Japan. The joint initiative will create an ecosystem that paves the way for more efficient, cost-effective and safer production that meets the specific needs of the modern market.

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