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AMAZEMET announces Partnership with Australian Distributor AXT

AMAZEMET and AXT announce their strategic partnership, bringing AMAZEMET to the Australian market for the first time. AXT, the leading provider of scientific equipment in Australia, is expanding its offering and opening new business opportunities with AMAZEMET’s products.

AMAZEMET’s product range, including the rePowder ultrasonic atomizer for the production of metal powders, the inFurner high vacuum furnace and the safeEtch device for the automatic removal of fixtures from 3D printed metal parts, will now be distributed by AXT. This allows AXT to offer its customers access to the latest technologies for additive manufacturing of metal parts.

“The key point of this partnership is the alignment of Amazement’s mission and vision to innovate and AXT’s extensive distribution capabilities”, said Łukasz Żrodowski, CEO of AMAZEMET.

This alliance strengthens AMAZEMET’s global presence and makes its innovative products more accessible to Australian researchers. With its established network and market knowledge, AXT can provide valuable local insights and customer feedback to help AMAZEMET adapt its products to new markets.

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