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AnkerMake announces new motion control system PowerBoost 3.0

The company AnkerMake has announced the market launch of a new version of its PowerBoost motion control system. Now in its third generation, PowerBoost 3.0 is designed to enable even better print quality thanks to an enhanced control algorithm.

According to AnkerMake, PowerBoost 3.0 was developed by the company’s own developers using functions from well-known control systems such as Klipper and Marlin. The pulse frequency of the motors is now adapted in real time to the motion planning in order to increase the power output by 30% compared to PowerBoost 1.0.

One of the more important improvements is the further development of the S-Smooth algorithm into an industrial control algorithm. The new algorithm eliminates the need for a G-sensor to detect resonance points and can suppress several resonance frequency ranges simultaneously. This makes it possible, for example, to handle different resonance points at different locations or scenarios with multiple resonance points.

Comparative tests with and without the newly tuned algorithm showed clear differences. When the print head abruptly changed direction in the first test, patterns appeared on the print walls, also known as ghosting or ringing. In the second test with PowerBoost 3.0, these artifacts were no longer visible – a credit to the new S-Smoothing algorithm.

A completely new extrusion control system has also been developed, making the 3D printer more versatile. Extrusion is now also applied to the S-shaped speed curve. This reduces corner camber and improves uniform material dispensing. According to AnkerMake, this enables even finer print details.

AnkerMake expects the new version to significantly improve print quality. The exact release date for the new motion control technology is not yet known, but it is expected to appear within the first quarter.

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