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AM Ceramics | Program | Sneak Preview

3D-printing | technologies & materials for AM of high-performance ceramics

Ceramic additive manufacturing has the potential to radically change the industry. Available additive manufacturing systems for ceramics have already reached an advanced level. In Addition to prototyping of components, they represent a tangible alternative to conventional manufacturing methods or offer a viable supplement.

3D-printing manufacturers have to anticipate and fulfil prospective requirements of the high-performance ceramics industry ahead of demand. Thus the AM Community is searching for information regarding manufacturing speed, reducing time-to-market but also whether process stability can be obtained and reproducibility of results can be assured. Beyond, that constant availability for ceramic materials appropriate for 3D-printing is still not ensured.


Quo vadis? | additive manufacturing

The AMC 2017 provides an overall  update on achievements and progress on last year’s event. It will give a comprehensive overview to what additive manufacturing systems are already capable of and which performance promises can be made at this point. Next to the introduction of enhanced material compositions and state-of-the-art machinery by Lithoz, the entire process chain will be addressed. Expertise from AM enterprises that have been successful in implementing additive manufacturing as well as practical application examples out of the university sector will be shared.

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