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Empower Series Production with Farsoon Additive Manufacturing

Since Farsoons first Powder Bed Fusion system installed in Europe in 2015, Farsoon has supported many industrial and institute customers from multiple aspects in additive manufacturing including machine configurations, material, process development and application. Collaborating with Farsoons growing customer list in Europe, Farsoon has become a leading role of European market with series production solutions using powder bed fusion technologies.

In addition to Farsoon’s established portfolio of metal and plastic L-PBF systems with wide range of building envelope size, Farsoon has been focused on maximizing productivity with multi-lasers on large-format platforms, as well as expanding material capabilities for future industrial applications.

FS621M Platform

First announced in July 2020, FS621M (build cylinder size of 620 x 620 x 1100mm) has been well accepted by aerospace and manufacturing customers. As of today, the installation base of the FS621M family hasreached over 60 units by October 2023 at global customer sites producing large-scale parts. With a significant 510,000 hours of total machine operation time and some machines running as high as 80% + uptime, the FS621M platform is a true series manufacturing tool to produce high-quality, repeatable parts.

In the upcoming Formnext 2023, Farsoon Europe team will be showcasing a FS621M system, and we are excited to announce the news of it being the first FS621M system sold to a European customer targeting industrial research and development. Farsoon Europe local service team will support the machine installation after the event.

Flight 403P Dual-laser Platform

403P Series system is Farsoon’s high-temperature plastic powder bed fusion platform with over 260 units installation base globally by Oct 2023. Being one of the first machine manufacturers to develop production-targeted LPBF systems using industrial fiber lasers, Farsoon introduced the development of the dual-laser configuration of Flight (Fiber laser) Technology and its application on 403P platform in May 2021. Boosting significantly 3-4 times production yield compared to a single CO2 laser SLS machine, the dual laser Flight 403P system can achieve 2 full industrial-scale builds (cylinder size 400 × 400 × 540mm) within 24 hours. The advanced features including removable cartridges and external cooling station can further improve the machine uptime and create higher throughput with the same footprint occupied.

Taking pride of our motto “Open for Industry” which means customers can freely choose materials for their application according to specific needs of end-users. Farsoon works with a fleet of global chemistry leaders in validation of their high-performance, specialty engineering materials for fiber laser technology.

As a long-term partner in plastic laser powder bed fusion, Farsoon Europe GmbH has the great pleasure to receive the order of a Flight SS403P Dual-laser system from a leading Belgium-based service provider. The new high-speed Flight system will be used for high-volume series manufacturing of end-use products with customer-sourced PA11 materials.

Farsoon will present FS621M and Flight 403P Dual-laser systems at Booth 11.1-C11, Formnext 2023, which takes place from November 7th to 10th in Frankfurt.

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