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EOS presents high-strength aluminium material Al5X1 for 3D printing

3D printing specialist EOS has announced that it will launch its new high-strength aluminum alloy Al5X1 this summer. Parts printed with this material were unveiled for the first time at this year’s RAPID + TCT.

The Al5X1 material was developed as part of EOS’ newly introduced material screening program. This program considers both customer requirements and application design when formulating materials.

The new Al5X1 aluminum alloy features higher strength than most other aluminum offerings available in the additive manufacturing market. At 410 MPa and an elongation at break of 15-18%, the material offers very high fatigue strength. Customers in the aerospace, defense and consumer electronics industries have already expressed interest.

Another advantage of the new aluminum material is its ability to be anodized and electropolished. EOS also emphasizes that only a single heat treatment step is required. Heat treating Al5X1 can be as simple as a six-hour cycle at 400°C, without the need for a T6 heat treatment cycle, water quenching or oil quenching.

An official launch of the material is expected this summer.

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