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Farsoon announces Industrial Metal 3D Printer with 16 Lasers

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Farsoon has unveiled its new metal 3D printer for industry at the TCT Asia trade show.

The FS1521M features a standard build volume of Φ1530mm and an 850mm Z-axis. For specific oil & gas and aerospace applications, the FS1521M-U is also available with an extended Z-height of 1650mm.

One of the outstanding features of the FS1521M series is the optional build cassette configuration – both round and square. In particular, the square cassette of the FS1521M-U stands out with a build volume of 3,862 liters, setting the benchmark in the metal laser powder bed fusion printing market.

Another highlight is the new calibration algorithms. These ensure that the operation and overlap of each laser can be precisely controlled. This ensures that the mechanical properties of the parts are uniform throughout the build volume. Thanks to this technology, the FS1521M achieves print speeds of up to 400cm³/h, which is particularly useful when producing large parts or in volume production.

In addition, the FS1521M series offers an innovative gas flow design. This guarantees stable and timely particle removal across the entire platform. In addition, permanent filter systems enable uninterrupted uptime, even with extremely long build times.

The FS1521M’s non-contact, closed powder handling system, which includes powder supply, recycling and sieving, also ensures increased operational reliability.

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