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Fiberthree intruduces PP-GF25 a hassle free entry into polypropylene filaments

The all-new F3 PP-GF25 promises to ensure an easy and hassle-free entry into polypropylene fibre reinforced plastics. It extends the known Fiberthree material portfolio and allows the handling of high-class material, that does not need specialized infrastructure and provides superior media resistance properties.

F3 PP-GF25 also offers better warping properties and superior performance compared to other PP materials. The main focus of this material was to maximize usability by providing the best printability, wide chemical and UV resistance, and minimal thermal shrinkage while containing great performance properties. Fiberthree, established in 2015, is a German-based FFF-material producer. The company offers a choice of filled and unfilled technical plastics, as well as the necessary infrastructure such as dry boxes and customized build plates for optimal print results.

Key characteristics of F3 PP-GF25:

  • Modified PP based with 25 weight -% glass fiber
  • Very low density (1,09 g/cm3)
  • Good impact strength
  • Very low warping effect
  • Superior adhesion to epoxy based fiber plates
  • No water absorption
  • Superior chemical and UV resistance.

Furthermore, the F3 PA-GF25 offers a hassle-free, result-oriented workflow on many machines, allowing the engineer to concentrate on improving the product and parts rather than worrying about the process and print results. All of this is achieved without sacrificing surface quality.

(c) Picture & link: Fiberthree

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