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Free 3D printing extensions improve IKEA products

The non-profit organization Enable 3D and the design studio Uppgradera have jointly released a series of new 3D printed models designed to simplify the use of IKEA products. The so-called “IKEA hacks” are free to download and print at home.

According to Enable 3D and Uppgradera, there are usage issues with many IKEA products, despite a consistent design worldwide. This is where the 3D-printed enhancements come in, to make everyday items more inclusive and practical. Enable 3D specializes in developing assistive devices for people with disabilities.

The current IKEA hacks come from designer Adam Miklósi and include products such as cheese graters, cup holders and clothes racks. For example, an attachment bar on the cheese grater ensures that grated cheese does not fall beside it. A special drink holder prevents glasses from slipping on a tray during transport.

According to Enable 3D and Uppgradera, the hacks demonstrate how consumers can enhance existing products through 3D printing. By making them available for free, the models are expected to make everyday life easier for people with disabilities worldwide.

With the release, Enable 3D aims to demonstrate how 3D printing can be used to promote inclusion and accessibility. Even small adaptations can make the difference for many people and enable them to use everyday objects.

The IKEA hacks are a prime example of how 3D printing can be used to make existing products more inclusive, according to Enable 3D. The global availability and uniformity of IKEA products make them particularly suitable for such enhancements. They can be easily implemented by individuals using a 3D printer.

For Enable 3D, the hacks show the potential of 3D printing to address specific needs and offer customized solutions. Instead of completely new products, small enhancements can be made to existing objects to make them more accessible. According to Enable 3D, this approach should set a precedent and inspire more companies and individuals to create inclusive designs.

The STL files for the IKEA hacks are available for free download from the Enable 3D website. All that is needed is a 3D printer and the corresponding original IKEA products.

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