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India’s first 3D-printed post office opens in Bengaluru

In India, 3D printing is booming in the construction industry. Now, the country’s first post office built using additive manufacturing processes has been inaugurated in the megacity of Bengaluru. The three-story, 110-square-meter building took just 44 days to design and build. The cost was around 2.6 million rupees, about 40 percent of a conventional construction.

Announced in September 2022, construction began in March 2023, with industry giant L&T Construction, a subsidiary of the $23 billion conglomerate Larsen & Toubro, in charge. In close coordination with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, L&T used a 3D printer from Danish manufacturer COBOD for the project.

“The inauguration of the first 3D-printed post office is a source of pride for every Indian,” commented Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “This achievement not only highlights our nation’s progress in innovation, but also embodies the essence of an independent India.”

Indeed, the post office marks a milestone in India’s 3D printing development. L&T has been conducting research in this area since 2016 and built a two-story office building in 2021. But the technology is now increasingly finding its way out of laboratories and into the real world. According to COBOD estimates, 130 buildings have been printed worldwide so far, seven of them in Asia.

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