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Kanèsis: Indiegogo Campaign for Hemp Filament

For thousands of years hemp was used by humans. It’s inside cloth, paper, ropes and lots of other products. The start-up Kanèsis uses hemp for 3D printing filament but to start mass production they need help via Indiegogo.

Last year Kanèsis was founded in Italy with the goal to create a filament that consists of hemp. Since the founding the team was busy, they have files different patents and developed their hemp filament. The product is called HBP which means HempBioPlastic. The filament should serve as an alternative to PLA, that is also a biological filament, but HBP should be up to 30% stronger than conventional PLA.


To do something for the environment and against the climate change HBP needs less temperature to be created than PLA.  And the start-up has even bigger plans: If they are successful they want to use their material for other industrial purposes. For example it could be used for injection moulding as alternative to PVC / PP / Nylon or ABS. With the Indiegogo campaign they also wanted to start the discussion of new materials that are eco-friendly.

We strongly believe in a future where eco-friendly materials can replace those derived from petrochemicals, but every big change comes from the grassroots. This is why we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign, the real democratic funding.

Since the 17th May 2016 you can invest in the new filament through Indiegogo. If they are successful all investors will get some of the new HBP filament. More information to Kanèsis is available on their website.

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