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Low-cost DIY 3D printed tattoo machine inspired by inventor Thomas Edison

The first tattoo machine was inspired by the stencil-pen concept that was developed by Thomas Edison. Until today common tattoo machines use this concept. Nick Pool has also used the same idea to build a low cost DIY tattoo machine that uses 3D printed parts to connect the thing together.

The project has the name Scratcher and all mechanical parts that aren’t available off the shelf were 3D printed. The parts aren’t very complex or big so they can be printed on every standard 3D printer in a little bit more than an hour. It doesn’t matter if you use ABS or PLA – every standard plastic filament will get the job done. The parts that could not be printed can be bought for less than 50$. The machine uses an easy principle: An electrical motor moves the needle up and down and brings the colour under your skin so it remains there. All information to the project is available on GitHub.

Nick Pool has tested his tattoo machine and the machine worked successfully. He has used it to create a pattern on his left arm. If you look closer you can see that the lines aren’t perfectly straight and some of are blurred. That’s because Nick Pool isn’t a professional and not because of the machine – at least he said that it’s like this. In the comments of the video you can also read a lot of critics for the machine.

So, in other words, your tattoo looks nothing like professional tattoo, because you’re not a professional tattoo artist. Why the fuck would you practice on a huge piece on one of your most visibly body parts? You’re an idiot, dude.

Tattoos are PERMANENT! Do Not EVER Tattoo others unless you are a trained professional!

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