Home Materials LPW Technology Releases Quality Management System for 3D Printing Powders

LPW Technology Releases Quality Management System for 3D Printing Powders

Metal powder supplier LPW Technology has released POWDERSOLVE, a software that helps additive manufacturing companies to maintain full traceability of powders, products, equipment and operators.

POWDERSOLVE has been developed to meet challenges faced by the aerospace and medical sectors. Research centres also use the software to investigate effects of powder degradation and mechanical properties during additive manufacturing processes. As all results of chemical and mechanical tests are stored in a single location, instant access to all data stored is provided.

The software stores all activities and processing of powders. This enables users to quickly and simply retrieve data for a specific component or build and trace back the powder history or investigate other products that have been manufactured using the same powder batches.

LPW’s Commercial Director Phil Kilburn, said: ”

POWDERSOLVE does exactly as the name suggests – it solves the problems created by powder traceability. This unique software takes away the unknowns, offers the user total control and removes any ambiguity from the manufacturing process.” He adds:“It is another example of LPW listening to the problems of their customers and offering a solution. There is great demand for POWDERSOLVE.”

POWDERSOLVE is part of LPW’s innovative Total Powder Management (TPM). TPM starts with LPW supplying the virgin metal powder, carefully monitoring it during reuse within the Additive Manufacturing machine, all the way through to scrapping and disposal.