Home Practice & Makers Make it Real: AnkerMake launches its own 3D model platform

Make it Real: AnkerMake launches its own 3D model platform

Chinese manufacturer Anker, which is known for its powerbanks among other things, presented its first 3D printer last year with AnkerMake. Now the company is also launching a 3D model platform called “Make it Real“.

According to the creators, this is the first version and is not only aimed at AnkerMake customers. Currently, there are only a few designs provided by AnkerMake itself, but the platform has also indexed 10 other 3D model platforms. This gives users the ability to search various platforms via “Make it Real.” The models found are linked to the original platforms like Thingiverse.

According to the creators, more models will be added. Feedback can be given via the own Discord community. In the second version, users will also be able to upload their own models. When this version will be launched is not yet known.

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