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NatureWorks Launches Inego 3D860 PLA Material – As Strong And As Resistant as ABS

Biopolymer supplier NatureWorks has introduced a new formulation that adds impact and heat resistance to parts 3D printed with PLA filament. 

Called Ingeo 3D860, the new material builds on the 3D850 grade launched by the company in mid 2015 to complement their injection moulding and profile extrusion ABS replacement formulations. These materials provide a safe, practical and cost effective alternative for a broad range of styrenics in regards to performance and life cycle assessment.

Ingeo 3D860 filament can be used to 3D print industrial and durable parts, as it features a similar heat resistance and impact strength as ABS.

Dan Sawyer, Global Leader, New Business Segment, NatureWorks said: “Many brands desire a bio-based, low carbon footprint alternative to styrenics. With the addition of Ingeo 3D860, we are providing an option that now enables users to create functional industrial parts or finished goods. We’ve had positive feedback from some industrial users that now view this as a viable alternative to ABS for some of their production jigs and fixtures. 3D860 also allows for rapid prototyping with the ability to approximate the physical properties achievable in injection molded parts made with ABS or with one of our Ingeo durables formulations.”

NatureWorks will first introduce 3D860 through selected preferred filament suppliers. 3Dom is currently demonstrating filament based on the new grade at the Innovation Takes Root forum in Orlando, Florida. Additional filament suppliers will offer their 3D filament with this new formulation in the coming months.

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